First impressions last the longest

Regulation has sparked the creation of numerous firms in the financial technology and trading arena. It’s often difficult to distinguish them. Given this rapid expansion, the quality of many brands are surprisingly poor. First impressions are the key to opening business opportunities – and it’s time for companies to wake up to the value of investing in their identity [click to tweet].

It’s not evident whether companies’ failure to adopt a clear and professional brand identity is complacency or whether it’s just simply not in their comfort zone. Either way, many fintech executives are struggling when it comes to investing time and money in their external image. With a packed landscape of startups, these firms only get one chance to impress prospective clients and to be seen as innovators. They’re wasting prime opportunities.

The first impression many prospects get of a company is the corporate website. When you accept a business card, if you have any interest, you will likely go check out their URL. If you’re a reporter, you will research a company on their site before writing an article. It is the first and possibly last contact you will have with a company.

Not all websites in the fintech space are poor. Some good examples are,, and These capture the core mission of the company in a clean, professional and attractive manner.

The same principles that underlie websites should be applied to product or platform user interfaces.

Reputations matter. If you’re building a business, the brand is at the heart of it. Is it time to give your business a facelift? [click to tweet]

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