It’s Alive! (Your Content, That Is)

The lifetime of your content should not end with its concluding paragraph. Whether it’s a 10-page white paper on a market trend or a 300-word blog post on an industry event, the most effective content will reach and engage its target audience.

Content creation is a resource-intensive process that requires original insight and refined editorial skills. But without the proper push into the marketplace, you may find it prematurely on life support.

So, how do you keep content alive? Here are some strategies to distribute content, drive traffic to your company’s website and encourage the conversations that will boost your brand.

1)   Client Communications

Email blasts to clients and prospects that highlight your content show that you are engaged in industry conversations and assert your voice as an active member of the community.

2)   Social Sharing

Posting content to social networks, especially Twitter and LinkedIn, widen the exposure you gain while encouraging engagement through industry-specific hashtags and group discussions.

3)   Get Graphic

Never underestimate the power of visual storytelling. Investing resources into the creation of an infographic or video can freshen up an otherwise tired subject while opening the door to a unique set of distribution channels.

4)   Rinse, Wash, Repeat

Taking the time to regularly repost content maximizes distribution. Those who enjoyed it the first time will be more likely to share, while those who missed it will get a chance to engage.

Every piece of content may not hit it out of the park, but no brand should be content to let its insights atrophy. An eye for strategic distribution is all it takes to give your points a pulse. Just don’t be surprised when they take on a life of their own.

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