Paragon is the New Orange

One of the most striking aspects of marketing that I’ve observed in my time at Paragon is the purchase of premiums. Premiums – for those less fluent in promotional linguistics—are branded goods for marketing purposes. Premiums are frequently pens, tote bags, keychains, and, if you’re lucky, backscratchers.

Premiums are one of the most ubiquitous forms of marketing out there, and yet, for this very reason, they often fail to leave any impression whatsoever. The best premiums are practical, visually striking and subtly branded. They help build feelings of goodwill and hopefully catch the eyes of some bystanders, providing brand exposure with minimal effort.

While Paragon devotes weeks to designing premiums for our clients, we haven’t left our cupboards bare. This brigade of bright orange staples often brightens my day, and hopefully our clients’ too.

So, without further ado I present: “A Day in the Life of the Paragon Premiums”

Paragon Mug

8:30am…Time for coffee.

It’s early. I think all of us are grateful these exist in our lives.

Paragon Jacket
…Shiver me timbers!

Is it September already? My wardrobe has yet to adapt to the changing seasons.

Paragon Pad And Pen
…Hopping on the conference line.

Style points for matching my notepad and my pen. But also, I should take notes on this call.

Paragon Umbrella
…Rain, rain go away.

If the sun is hiding, we’ll bring the orange.

Paragon Beach Towel
Until next summer, beach towel. I’ll be here when you’re ready.

It can be easy to underestimate the value of a good premium, but you know when you’ve hit the sweet spot, the tender balance between promotion and function.

For me, these Paragon premiums always serve to refresh my day and remind me that black isn’t the only thing with a new take on orange.

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