Getting the ‘Public’ back in Public Relations

Apr 21 2021

Although the exact date public relations was born is widely debated, one thing that remains true is the public engagement element of this profession. PR pros thrive on immersing themselves in the industry in which they operate. In the last year, however, being out in public or physically present anywhere outside of one’s home has been challenging. This makes us wonder if the in-person and public aspects of public relations are a thing of the past. Read more…

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Marketing is a simple game… if you spot the next Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Blog
May 14 2020

In 1996, I interviewed Michael Jordan in the changing room at the San Antonio Alamodome as he prepared for the All-Star game. It did not feel like an interview with a normal human being. An audience with the Pope springs to mind, or some other deity with wings (those Nikes) and an unworldly hang-time.

At the time, “His Airness”, who had recently returned to the Chicago Bulls following a sabbatical spent swinging a baseball bat, was apparently the most famous person in the world. And every single journalist in San Antonio wanted a piece of him. Just one word. The word of MJ… Nike must have loved it. Read more…

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Top Tips for Winning Awards that Matter

Awards Strategy
Feb 3 2020

While PR firms like collecting awards on behalf of their clients, the industry has become saturated. To use an expression suited for the time of year, the golden goose of media companies is being killed off. So what should you look out for – and how do you separate the awards worth winning from those that are there simply ‘pay-for-play’? Read more…

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Specialist PR firms make more sense

Sep 20 2018

If you’re thinking about hiring a public relations agency, choose carefully. Hiring a global firm with thousands of employees can be enticing, but know what you’ll be paying for. With a specialist PR agency, your money primarily goes towards the talent that supports you; not on a legacy operating model.

Specialist PR firms are ideally suited to this modern world of communications. Here are a few reasons why.

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Walking Far, Supporting Charity and Learning Lessons

Aug 3 2017

A few weeks ago, I completed a lengthy charity walk over the headlands of England’s ancient Jurassic Coast. It was a fantastic day that will raise well over half a million pounds for MacMillan Cancer. The eleven or so hours hiking also taught me several lessons that can be applied to our everyday lives, and business.

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What Flavor of News Do You Prefer? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Flavor of News
Jun 14 2016

Print and online media share individual and corporate stories with the public. They can influence people’s thoughts and opinions in order to persuade, inform or entertain. The style can depend upon the outlet used to share it or the writer behind it. On a not completely unrelated note, I am a huge fan of food. My favorite part of the day is deciding where to get lunch, so I decided to make a few similes and analyze the different flavors of news that are present in our culture.

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Requiem for a Resume

March Madness and Resumes
Mar 22 2016

Last week, the NCAA tournament – arguably the most exciting sports championship of the year – kicked off around the country. As always, “March Madness” did not disappoint in the first two rounds, with upsets aplenty and last second finishes that will be replayed for ages. However, this year was marked by some blatant oversights by the tournament committee, who failed to recognize the accomplishments of some smaller schools and instead granted spots in the field to bigger, more established programs whose “resume” was deemed more impressive (see what ESPN Bracketology expert Joe Lunardi had to say).

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Five things my sister’s wedding taught me about business

Aug 8 2014

Image courtesy of the Newlyweds, and their hilarious dog Dexter.

This past weekend I spent hours in front of cameras, friends and most importantly, family. As my face has spent the week recovering from nearly three hours of grinning for photographs, my mind has scrambled to quell the (strictly metaphorical) wedding hangover and return to the business world.

During the transition out of a tuxedo and into my refreshingly comfortable business attire, I realized that I learned five business lessons from the big day.

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