What Flavor of News Do You Prefer? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Print and online media share individual and corporate stories with the public. They can influence people’s thoughts and opinions in order to persuade, inform or entertain. The style can depend upon the outlet used to share it or the writer behind it. On a not completely unrelated note, I am a huge fan of food. My favorite part of the day is deciding where to get lunch, so I decided to make a few similes and analyze the different flavors of news that are present in our culture.

Flavor of News

One type of story isn’t necessarily better than the other but the purpose behind it can be completely different. People read what they are in the mood for so all of these flavors can appeal to any person. And, like the foods you might enjoy or even crave, your tastes might change on any given day. 

Comment below and let me know what flavor of news you prefer.

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