Fatal marketing flaws for your business

Fatal marketing flaws
Mar 23 2017

Et tu, Brute? In Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar’s hamartia, or fatal flaw, is his dismissal of the advice from the soothsayer in the marketplace and his wife, Calpurnia. Even though the Ides of March has passed, we should still beware. What advice are you failing to heed in order to grow your business?

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Perspectives from the field: 3 practical tips to perform better through transitions

Oct 18 2016

In recent weeks, it seems that everyone I speak with is in some kind of major transition – either job-related, personal or both. Re-organizations, job changes, weddings, babies… you name it!

I’ve noticed that, regardless of the type of adjustment, it’s usually a stressful process that most people struggle with. So what is it about a transition that is so difficult?

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A Time for Change

Brand Change
May 3 2016

While nearing my one-year anniversary working as an intern/part-time employee for Paragon Public Relations and approaching the end of my undergraduate career, I am faced with a unique situation I have never had: the end of the life I have known since starting pre-k at age 4. While the change from a full-time student to a full-time employee sounds intimidating, it is necessary to take on new challenges while continuing to grow. The same goes for a business. All brands should continuously change and rethink their strategies to ensure they meet evolving demands.

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