Fatal marketing flaws for your business

Et tu, Brute? In Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar’s hamartia, or fatal flaw, is his dismissal of the advice from the soothsayer in the marketplace and his wife, Calpurnia. Even though the Ides of March has passed, we should still beware. What advice are you failing to heed in order to grow your business?

Taking care of your clients is a priority, but ignoring underpinnings of a sound marketing strategy and growth plan can foster your Brutus-sized blind spot.

Inactive on Social Media

Failing to post consistently or being entirely absent from social media is becoming the Achilles’ Heel for today’s businesses. Some feel that their audience is not on social and do not find it necessary. With various social networks available, there is some type of medium for all organizations in any industry. Whether it be LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat, your audience is almost guaranteed to be using at least one. LinkedIn was created for networking. The people who can grow your business have profiles, and so should your company.

Outdated Website

Does your website reflect your organization’s current goals and value-add? Is it mobile-friendly? Is it SEO-friendly? If your answer is “No” to any of these questions, it is outdated. Websites showcase brands to their target audience, acting as a conduit for valuable information and a lasting first impression. Keep your website content up-to-date, ensuring it reflects your current business, meets online requirements for search engines and has a responsive layout to optimize your reach and user experience.

Stagnant Branding

Your branding might need a wholesale overhaul or a quick refresh. When was the last time your marketing collateral got a facelift? Are your presentation templates modern, clean and in-line with your brand? Any branded marketing materials should be constantly updated to reflect new changes and developments. Anything that is seen by clients or prospects should be recent.

As I have mentioned before, companies need to be open-minded and ready for change to meet their clients demands and attract new ones. While balancing client work and moving the company forward can be tricky, it is necessary to ensure long-term success.

Growing your business should never be put on the back-burner. Consider outsourcing some of your marketing efforts to get an expert’s perspective and increase efficiency. Contact us to learn how Paragon can help your business.

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