[INFOGRAPHIC] A guide to corporate philanthropy

Aug 7 2018

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” – Plato

The “good action” of philanthropy should be a priority for any company that wants to strengthen their public image, improve employee morale and inspire positive global change. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment in which it operates. Charitable giving is a selfless action, but the personal and professional benefits are undeniable. Read more…

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Walking Far, Supporting Charity and Learning Lessons

Aug 3 2017

A few weeks ago, I completed a lengthy charity walk over the headlands of England’s ancient Jurassic Coast. It was a fantastic day that will raise well over half a million pounds for MacMillan Cancer. The eleven or so hours hiking also taught me several lessons that can be applied to our everyday lives, and business.

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Build your brand by paying it forward

Brand building, paying it forward
Jan 9 2015

Professionals in all industries are constantly receiving solicitations for donations. The issue that most face is, as prevalent as they are, it is difficult to choose which one is the most effective and how much of your budget you can actually allocate to your chosen charity(s). The majority of these letters and inquiries are tossed out, and businesses will revisit the idea only when they are forced to.

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