The Changing Brand of the White House

You might not have ever thought about the White House as a “brand.” But it is. It represents an important institution in American government, it is recognizable both as a place and more importantly as an entity, and it aims to meet the needs of its audience. Coming out of a divisive election year and with the inauguration upon us, the White House brand is changing, perhaps more extremely than at any other time in history.

The White House Brand Promise

It is natural for a brand to evolve over time to continue to be relevant to its audience. In the case of the White House, this particularly happens with each new president taking the office. To maintain trust throughout this change, the White House brand needs stability and uninterrupted alignment to its core identity. It must remain true to its attributes during and beyond the transition.

Some of these established White House brand values include honesty, integrity, commitment and respect. These are strong traits that have been behind the office of the president since its founding. That is not to say every president’s behavior has perfectly reflected these throughout history. But as a whole, the White House brand is one that has commanded respect throughout its lineage and has helped our country thrive both at home and as a global participant.

Like all brands, the White House makes a promise. It promises to serve the American people with the chance for opportunity, to protect and enforce its laws, and to guide the country’s role in the global community. It commits to act on behalf of all its 325 million citizens and to uphold their inherent rights. It must be honest in all its dealings – both home and abroad – and serve with a level of decorum to earn respect for the office and ultimately the country it represents.

As we install a new president this week, here is hoping that the core brand values of the White House remain intact and continue to serve as the foundation for our country’s leadership. Only then can we continue to trust our White House to deliver its brand promise and service for all.

What White House brand values are most important to you? Share your thoughts below.

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