You’ve been laid off—Now what?

Over the past couple of months, working professionals have seen a dramatic increase in layoffs from companies across various industries, including tech. More recently, following the collapse of FTX Trading Ltd., many other cryptocurrency exchanges were forced to cut their workforce by thousands. Tech companies such as Accenture plc. have recently announced their plans to cut 19,000 jobs. 1,300 people were laid off from Zoom Video Communications, Inc. this past February (15% of its workforce). Even PayPal Holdings, Inc. had to dismiss 2,000 employees (7% of their staff). The list goes on. 

On a more personal note, experiencing a layoff will have you feeling a whirlwind of emotions. You find yourself panicking at the thought of being unstable and wondering when your next opportunity will come knocking at the door. The feeling of utter disappointment becomes more prevalent because you thought you gave your role your all and expected more support from your employer. It is easy to let negativity interfere with your next steps, but have no fear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! So what do you do next?

Accept it

Being hard on yourself is normal as you walk through phases of your journey, but it’s important to “embrace” your layoff. The first step is accepting your current circumstances and looking towards the future. Learn to look past what others think of you in order to realize your true potential. Only then will you understand your worth, find a role you can enjoy, and most importantly, communicate your strengths effectively.

Be realistic

You have to be realistic. Set practical expectations when obtaining a job, especially in the marketing industry. Not every job you apply for will offer you an interview and that is OK! Set goals for yourself. Whether it be applying to 5 jobs every other day or taking 2-3 days to research the company and really understand their mission, setting realistic, measurable goals will help you regain any confidence lost. If you interviewed for a position, gave it your best shot but were not offered the job, move on to the next! Your goals help keep you sane as you manifest the right opportunity. You will come to know that the job search journey has its ups and downs, however, there is beauty in dedication. 

Positive affirmations

You’d be surprised to know how impactful your own words can be. Everytime you apply for a job, try to align your experience with the role and accentuate your admirable qualities. Self-affirmations help you understand the value you can bring to the team. This will make the “Unfortunately, we have decided to move on with another candidate” email easier to digest. Similarly, do the same before every interview call. Getting hired relies heavily on how well you can market yourself to the hiring manager so they can assess if you would be a great fit for the role and the company. Highlight your skills and always tie it back to how you can exceed within the company and the role you are applying for. Have faith that the right company will hire you.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

You’ve been communicating with a hiring manager for a particular job you are interested in, and you finally landed an interview. What’s next? Prepare, prepare, prepare! It is important for an interviewer to see your level of dedication from the first moment you interact with them. You also need to assess whether the role and company are right for you. Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Is there potential for you to grow?
  2. Will your work make positive contributions to the company?
  3. Will you mesh well with the team and corporate culture?
  4. Is your voice being heard?

Feeling connected to the company’s mission, vision and values and assessing whether they align with yours is crucial. Being interviewed gives you the opportunity to ask questions that matter to you. Companies also want to make sure that you are interested in the role and exceed expectations. This can be done by:

  1. Performing the necessary research on the company.
  2. Networking or connecting with different employees at the company to learn about their experiences.
  3. Work on your elevator pitch and provide the best examples of your work that are relevant to the role.
  4. Set time on days leading up to the interview to practice your answers to common questions so that you can market yourself in the best way possible.

Amongst these key concepts, there are many things you should consider while recovering from a layoff. Think of the bigger picture and make sure you dedicate 100% of yourself to each interview you attend. Most importantly, think about the qualities you feel are best about yourself as a person and your experience, and use that as fuel before you reach your ultimate goal!

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