A real-world content marketing case study: Our own

The pitfalls of a content gap

It’s never easy admitting your own misses but here goes: we here at Paragon got off track with our content marketing. If you are one of our clients, then you have heard us emphasize time and again the power of content – as well as the level of commitment it takes. Producing and regularly delivering relevant content feeds your communications, marketing and media efforts. When done well, this makes them more effective and allows you to connect with and engage your audience.

We hope that you will accept our excuse for the recent slowdown of content on our website: “We’ve been busy.” Our focus lately has been on producing great work for our clients. For example, we have secured coverage in major business and trade media including live broadcast. We have launched new products, driven thought leadership content, and transitioned startups out of “stealth mode.” We have even helped them win awards. However, now is the time for us to shift some of our focus back to our own content.

Getting content back on track

Here is what we are looking to address to improve our current content situation and why:

  1. Revitalize content: We’re going to be adding a lot more content in the weeks ahead, like this blog. When we have news to tell, we’re going to let you know, so that we keep you engaged. Business moves fast; so should content.
  2. Increase web traffic: Content drives traffic. In fact, it is the key reason why most websites grow in popularity. By dedicating more time to producing fresh content, it shows that you care about your own company’s brand and your audience.
  3. Drive inbound inquiries: As we always emphasize to our clients, promoting content via other channels, e.g. social media, expands your reach. Attract new prospects with interesting subject matter and draw them to your website to take the next step with you.
  4. Elevate engagement across channels: Similarly, placing your content across multiple channels and in various formats enables you to connect with your audience wherever they are. More content opportunity equals more cross-channel promotion, which equals more engagement with a wider audience.
  5. Demonstrate expertise: Help your target audience understand how you can help them solve a challenge or understand something more clearly with content that reflects your prowess. Sharing your opinions and voices showcases your thinking and how you stand out from the rest.
  6. Third-party partnerships: Inviting experts to contribute a blog article can demonstrate your willingness to bring the right perspective to your audience. You then benefit from the extra visibility of your partner’s followers.

Frequent, timely and relevant content for your audience leads to a measurable, positive impact for your communications strategy – and ultimately your brand. Of course this takes deep commitment and perseverance, which are absolutely necessary to sustain your content marketing program. It is not easy and it takes a lot of discipline and dedication to keep a consistent content rhythm. We know you are busy yourselves, but if you can stay the course, the rewards you reap – especially engaging your audience with your expertise and driving productive interactions with them – will pay off.

Ready to make or renew your content pledge?

Join us here at Paragon as we get our content program back on track. As we plan our content calendar and relevant topics, we would be happy to discuss the best practices we will be putting back in place to help you advance your own content initiatives. Contact us to get started together!

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